Our Home Phone vs. Traditional

Cable Cable's home phone technology uses broadband cable to run your phone services. The quality is as good as or better than traditional service providers, and much more advanced due to all the new features and technology. But, best of all ,it is much less expensive than old-fashioned phone providers!

A More Affordable Home Phone Service

Our home phone packages start as low as $29.95 a month when bundled with internet, and come fully loaded with features like: call answer, call display, three way calling, call forward, and call waiting. The same features with a traditional phone service supplier can cost as much as $39.95. Plus, with Cable Cable's home phone service there are no hidden access fees or 911 charges.

Digital Phone 911 Procedures

Before deciding to switch to a digital phone service it's important to note the differences in 911 processes between digital and traditional phone services.

  1. When a 911 call is dispatched through a traditional phone line the call is fielded through the local emergency dispatch office. With digital phone service the 911 call is first fielded through a provincial dispatch office then routed to the local dispatch office. So, there is a possibility that there may be a slight delay in the arrival of emergency services when the call is placed from a digital phone service.

  2. Traditional phone service is considered a primary phone service, whereas digital phone service is a secondary service. It is highly recommended that all digital phone subscribers have ready access to a working cell phone at all times, should there be an outage.

Cable Cable's Home Phone Setup

Your Cable Cable home phone service requires a broadband connection, not necessarily the same as an internet connection. True, most home phone subscribers also have internet service, it is not required for our cable home phone service.

Your home phone line will be a coaxial connection linked directly to a digital phone terminal, which is also capable of acting as a modem. Each digital phone terminal contains ethernet, usb and two phone ports.

Connecting More Than One Phone

To use more than one phone in your home you'll need a cordless phone set which can be purchased from most major retailers. The wired phone from this set is connected to the digital phone terminal and the accompanying cordless sets can be set up throughout the house.