Effective May 1, 2017 some of our
package rates will be changing.

Most households will see an increase of less than $3.00 on their monthly bill.

These changes will help us continue to do what we do best; offer quality service,
while still remaining the most competitively priced service provider in the Kawarthas.


Bundle Discount — 2 Services

Was: $5.00 off

Now: $7.50 off


Bundle Discount — 3 Services

Was $10.00 off

Now: $15.00 off


Any TV or Phone Package

+ $2.50

No changes to Skinny Starter


Any Internet Package

+ $2.55

No changes to Wireless/LTE


If you have any questions, or would like to know exactly how this will affect your bill, please call us at 866.887.6434 or email us at care@cablecable.net 


Below are your 2017 Package rates.

Digital TV

Package New Price
Skinny Starter $30.00
Digital Starter $37.50
Digital Value $52.50
Digital Value Plus $72.50
Digital Total $87.50
Digital Ultimate $102.50
Please note that all add-on pricing
for TV service is unchanged.

Classic TV

Package New Price
Classic Starter $37.50
Classic Value $52.50
Classic Movies $56.50
Classic Premium $71.50


Package New Price
Lite $37.50
Lite Plus $42.50
High Speed $52.50
Ultra $72.50
Ultimate $92.50
Business High $62.50
Business Ultra $92.50
Business Super $102.50
Business Ultimate $152.50


Package New Price
Phone Starter $37.45
Phone Plus $47.45