Dear Cable Cable,

It is not often that I find myself writing to companies about their service and especially when I get good service. However, I was so impressed by the efforts of one of your people that I have been trying to find a couple of minutes in my schedule to drop you this note.

I am a seasonal connect (cottage) that has been with Cable Cable for a number of years. Each season our cable is disconnected in the Fall and reconnected in the Spring. I had eye surgery a few months ago and decided to replace my old CRT TV with a new and larger flat panel TV. After talking to your people, I arranged to switch from analogue to digital cable with this reinstallation. I was advised that this required a service technician to attend my residence because I was adding a new HD box.

I was able to get the last appointment of the day (with some rearranging on your part) on the Friday before the long weekend. I arrived just before 4pm to meet Patrick your technician. We both hoped it would be a simple install since the cable was already in place and it looked like all that was required was to move the signal over to digital. We could not have been more mistaken.

The simple conversion (I may get some of this wrong because I am not any way near competent at cable matters) produced a strong digital signal but another aspect did not produce the right result and would have caused me a problem in time. At this point, Patrick could have closed up and left this other issue for someone else to deal with on another day. He did not! He stayed and began to solve the problem. He went step by step changing the cable ends. He found a break in the cable by my cottage which allowed some water into the line and he repaired that problem. He replaced the aged unit on the hydro pole and still the problem existed. It was now well past 6pm. Finally he ran a new cable from the Hydro pole to our cottage and then into the TV.

At one point well past 7pm, I asked Patrick if he had any plans for the long weekend and he told me he had dinner guests waiting at his house along with his wife. He did not have to say any more. He completed the job in a very business like matter not once saying anything about it being a Friday night before a long weekend and several hours past his expected end of day. When it was all done, he gave me the paperwork to review and complete and then stayed a further 5 minutes to make sure that I knew how to operate the remote that he had already set up. Although I did not look at the clock, it had to be near 8 pm by this time.

It is not often today that we receive the type of customer service that we got that Friday from Patrick, especially under those circumstances. He is a great ambassador for your company and treated us like it was his company and we were his customer. You have a great employee in Patrick and it speaks well of your company that he has chosen to work for you.

Television Subscriber, Fenelon Falls


Dear Cable Cable,

Our event was a complete successor. We almost doubled the attendance from last year. Each year more people will start believing in what we are trying to do here. People have a hard time believing in " Free, absolutely no strings attached". This year I chose to have a committee on board to make the decisions. Our first decision was to include a very professional organization like Cable Cable. I must say Robyn, you represent your company very well. Thank you very much for the excellent media coverage. We all here at Village Baptist Church look forward to working with you again. Thanks again.

Village Baptist Church – Re: Cable Cable Community Connections Program


Dear Cable Cable,

The girls I spoke with while setting up my appointment in the office were very helpful and friendly. The technician who did the installation was amazing and I also dealt with Technical Support, and they were very helpful and patient as well.

Television Subscriber, Dunsford


Dear Cable Cable,

Just a quick email to let you know that your wireless internet and phone service is awesome.  Great work.

Internet & Phone Subscriber, Janetville


Dear Cable Cable,

Recently I have engaged in needing the services of your staff, specifically Kevin Marr and Lonny Tomczak. All I can tell you is the service is exemplary and I try never to miss an opportunity to make sure that recognition is given when it's due.

My issue was complex, however it’s resolved to complete satisfaction, and that’s all this memo is about.

Have a great day knowing your staff represents so well!

Robin Edmonds, The Computer Nurse, IT Network Specialist


Dear Cable Cable,

I would like to thank Kevin and Eric for all the technical help they have provided me over the past week to help diagnose a large number of modem resets.

Kevin helped on the phone and Eric on the weekend.  With their help I was able to determine that I had a bad jumper cable (I think it was one of yours actually).  

Once we replaced the cable, the modem settled down and the levels returned to nominal condition.

Please pass on my appreciation. 

Michael Walker, Bobcaygeon


Dear Cable Cable,

Happy 30th Birthday Cable Cable!

From your most satisfied customer,

Richard Hirst, Omemee


Dear Cable Cable,

You sent out a serviceman to my home to repair a problem I was having with my new television. What appeared to be a relatively simple problem turned out to be quite a complex one. The serviceman Patrick worked diligently for two hours and was able to solve it. I want to tell you how much I appreciated him-he came right on time and continued working until the television picture was perfect.

Television Subscriber, Bobcaygeon


Dear Cable Cable,

Your service is wonderful....saved me a whole lot of money.... Can't ask for more!

Television & Internet Subscriber, Bobcaygeon


Dear Cable Cable,

You are still the best and I really appreciate you for being so good me.

Television Subriber, Fenelon Falls (81 years old)


Dear Cable Cable,

Good Morning, 

A while ago we were long term Bell Canada customers (44 years +) with phone, internet and tv service to the tune of $250 + a month - I called BELL to delete a couple of items from our cable package to get our monthly bill under control. After 5 phone calls and endless time on hold hearing how important my phone call was to BELL, I was given a number of reasons why my bill could not be any cheaper than it was, so we looked at other options:  

Option 1 - got an android box

Option 2 - called Cable Cable ONCE

Option 3 - cancelled BELL account

With Cable Cable our service has been excellent, any problems were dealt with quickly and efficiently  and we are happy.

Thank You,

Doug and Cathy MacIntosh, Trent Lakes

Note - Ontario Hydro could make good use of your team - but they also tell me there is no way to lower our bill - LOL sadly